Bird feeders…

Before the mid term break we had Katy the forest ranger come to visit. She brought with her all sorts of things to make bird feeders.

First she helped us tie a string around a pine cone. We then rolled it in margarine, making sure it stuck in all the gaps. Once it was all sticky we rolled it in nuts and seeds, squashing them all over the pine cones surface.

Once they were thoroughly covered we ventured outside to find the perfect spot to hang them!

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Space, crocodiles and other creatures…

Lately the morning nursery has been very busy!

They have been doing so much learning about space and our walls are adorned with wonderful works of art.

Everyone helped make a giant rocket ship for the wall. Around it they placed themselves… as astronauts! They even had special astronaut suits complete with a very cool plastic bubble face mask.

The investigation of planets continued and was put to good use as the children created each planet with the correct surface and size. Footprints then became rockets with wee toes as flames to navigate their way through the vastness of space.

Not only that but each child made their very own intergalactic passport complete with their picture, description, home planet and signature! Let the intergalactic adventures commence!

As for the afternoon children, they have been busy too!

The vote was indeed swayed towards crocodiles which gathered nine votes followed by dogs with six, octopus with five and giraffes with four.

So nursery became overrun with crocodiles as we started to learn all about them. We made a huge crocodile for our wall with big sharp teeth. We also transformed our hand prints into tiny snappy crocodiles, drawing in eyes and teeth before giving them a tissue paper river to swim in.

The children also made mind maps about crocodiles. They used the smart board to draw pictures and document what they knew about crocodiles as well as what they would like to find out. They also painted a whole range of different creatures including lions, snakes, giraffes, dogs, tigers, rhinos and gorillas.

The smart board was also used to watch some video clips of real crocodiles! We got to see how tiny they are as babies and how huge they are fully grown! Not to mention we learnt lots of interesting facts.

I can’t wait to see what we learn about dogs,octopus, giraffes and all these other fascinating creatures as our learning continues!

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