Over the last few weeks we have been visiting the P1 classrooms in readiness for next year. We have had a great time familiarisng ourselves with the P1 Teachers, children and classroom environment.

We have also enjoyed getting to know our big school buddies as they come to visit us in nursery.

Check out some of the snap shots…


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Enjoying World Book Day…

As everyone hopefully realised, World Book Day was on Thursday.

We celebrated by getting comfy in our pajamas or dressing up as one of our favourite book characters. There were some impressive costumes and some very cool onesies and pajamas.

We had a great time reading and sharing our favourite books. Some children did book reviews and others enjoyed making wee book worms.

The afternoon session enjoyed listening to a few stories told by Mr Fenton. As it was World Book Day he read us a book which included French, Spanish, German and many other languages. Then he read us another story about Spot the dog. However he read it to us in Bengal. It was a very cool experience!

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We then finished off the afternoon by snuggling up to read a book with Mums, Dads, childminders or Teachers. What a fabulous day we had!

World Book Day!

On Thursday the 5th March we are celebrating world book day at nursery. Your child should come dressed in either their pyjamas or as a character from a book!

1) Please bring a favourite book to nursery (with their name in it) to share at together time.

2) Book swap shop

If they would like to join in our book swap then bring an old book that they have finished with and they can swap it for a friend’s book.

3) All parents and carers of afternoon children are invited into nursery at 2.30 to sit with their child and listen to a story from Mr Fenton who will tell us a story in another language! Then we will share our books with our parents in the nursery before home time.