Happy New Year!

Happy new year, it is great to have everyone back! We hope you had a fabulous Christmas and enjoyed your holidays.

We have been having loads of fun since we returned. The morning session has decided they are going to learn about space.They have been investigating the planets and beginning to learn the names and features of each.

They have listened to songs and stories about space and have begun talking about which planet we live on. There have even been some wonderful drawings of Earth and such as everyone put their creative skills to work!

Not only that but there was even alien goo in the water trough! Everyone had loads of fun with it and loved squishing their fingers around in its cold, slimy, jellylike alien texture.

The Afternoon session on the other hand has decided they would like to learn more about Animals.

Everyone has been using their creative and imaginative skills to draw their own animals as well as go on adventures with the plastic ones. Not to mention trying to move our bodies the way different animals do.

We have enjoyed singing songs about animals such as ‘five little monkeys swinging in the tree’ and ‘five little ducks went out one day’. We also read some fabulous stories including ‘Giraffes can’t dance’, ‘The selfish crocodile’, ‘The ugly duckling’ and ‘Monkey puzzle’.

Almost all the children have now voted as to which animal they would like to learn about first. At the moment it looks like crocodiles are the winner followed closely by dogs… we will have to see once all votes are in!

Along with all this we were all very excited when it began to snow! Everyone donned their overalls, gloves, hats and wellies and outside we went. We had a fabulous time playing in the snow, building snowmen and even had a cheeky wee snowball fight!

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