Dinosaurs, the Dark and the Christmas Crazies…

Over the past little while the children in the afternoon session have been dinosaur mad! We have had such fun creating a dinotopia in which our dinosaurs can live and play. It has a giant volcano right at the center and is surrounded by trees and streams. Its a dinosaurs dream!

The children have also loved watching on the smart board as Andy goes on dinosaur adventures. They have seen stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus rex, pteradactyls and so much more. As we have discussed these dinosaurs, the children have been able to tell me which dinosaurs are meat eaters and are therefore carnivores and which are herbivores because they eat plants. They know all their names and lots of randoms fact about each. I was highly impressed with their memories!

We’ve drawn dinosaurs, made dinosaur foot prints and had dinosaurs swimming in our water trough. Not only that but we have also had fun pretending to be paleontologists excavating the sand trays in search of dinosaur bones.

As for the children in the morning session, they have been exploring lots of the changes that take place as we move from autumn to winter.

They learnt lots about hedgehogs and other creatures that hibernate. They even made their own wee hedgehogs out of special modeling dough, putting spikes all over their backs.

They also noticed that it was getting darker earlier and have begun exploring light and dark. They have read lots of stories and have been thinking about ways we can see in the dark. As part of this they are exploring the dark den, enjoying hiding in the dark using the touches to see their friends.

Not only this but they have been getting creative making all sorts of light and dark pictures. What a lot of fun!

Most recently, as Christmas approaches, Nursery is becoming more and more Christmas crazy!… in a good way 🙂

We have been having so much fun learning about the Nativity story as well as practicing for our Christmas Nativity productions.

Going up on the big stage to practice has been very exciting. Everyone has done so well singing their wee hearts out and remembering their lines.  We are all very much looking forward to performing for our families.

The nursery room has also started to be taken over by reindeer, snow men, angels,stars Santa and all things Christmas as we begin making all sorts of Christmas decorations and crafts!

Christmas here we come!