School and Nursery Photos – Monday 17th November

Just a quick reminder to let all parents/carers know that the Nursery children will be getting their photos taken on Monday 17th November by the Tempest Photographer.

The children will be be having individual and family group photos (if they have other siblings in school).



Tea Towels for christmas…

The children have all been busy drawing portraits of themselves. These are going to be printed onto a tea towel which will be available for you to buy.

If you would like to purchase one a notice has just gone up on the cloakroom wall just inside the nursery door. Please write your names on the list asap as the order is being sent off on Tuesday 18th (next week) and we don’t want you to miss out!

Autumn adventures and a happy Halloween…

Last week was full of fun!

On Thursday Katie, a Forest Ranger came to visit. We had great fun out in the garden where she talked to us about all things autumn.

We gathered leaves and compared their differences, noticing their shapes, sizes, and colours. We made an autumn leaf rainbow matching our leaves to the right section of the rainbow all the way from green, to yellow, to orange, red and brown.

We then met Katie’s hedgehog friend and she told us all about him and what he likes to eat. She also told us about the type of places hedgehogs like to live  before we helped create a perfect little leaf-pile hedgehog hidey-hole!

Then Friday brought with it Halloween and a whole new lot of fun! We made various types of spooky art including creepy collage with spiders, ghosts, pumpkins and bats.

Even our water play was a little creepy with more freaky pumpkins, spiders, bats and creatures lurking beneath the surface.

We also had a go at carving our own jack-o-lanterns! It was great fun scooping out all the ooey gooey insides and seeds. And when they were finished they looked fabulously spooky with the candlelight flickering out their eyes, nose and mouth!

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