Weekly roundup…..

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Our Space topic continued to develop well this week in Nursery and most of the children are now able to name several planets within the solar system. Some can even tell us what is ‘special’ about specific planets WOW!!!! We have been busy developing our Space role play area and the children assembled and decorated a space rocket with Matthew’s mum, Tara, who came to join us for ‘stay and play’. Lots of art and craft activities have taken place from building space stations, creating some very ‘interesting’ looking aliens to decorating planets using different paint techniques for our solar system model. We have explored a variety of number activities as we gain in confidence counting on and back from 10 and have been learning a super space themed song. Several science activities also took place exploring weightlessness in space and shooting stars.


Our Nursery garden needs some TLC!!!! Willing helpers required!!!

garden image

Our Nursery Garden is desperately in need of a bit of help to make it look its best! We would be very grateful if there are some willing parent helpers who are available on Thursday or Friday morning and/or afternoon, next week who could help us with generally tidying it up, sorting out toys and equipment that maybe has seen better days!! and clearing our flower beds and pots ready for Spring. Please speak to a member of the Nursery team if you think you might be able to help. Many thanks.

UNICEF’s Day for Change 2014


Schools for All                                       


Dear Parent/ Guardian         

On Friday 7th February, our school will be supporting UNICEF UK’s Day for Change and we very much hope that you will join us in supporting this worthwhile, fun and educational event. It is a great opportunity for our pupils to learn about and raise money for children in other parts of the world.

The idea is very straightforward. In return for a donation of £1 to help UNICEF’s vital work, your child will join the pupils and staff of the school by changing their day and hosting a Pyjama Day.  There will also be competitions and treats for sale throughout the day. All money will go to UNICEF.

By taking part in this important event, we can help support UNICEF’s work.

Why are we doing it?

Every year, UNICEF UK’s Day for Change focuses on a different theme. In 2014, In 2014, Day for Change is all about education. Going to school gives children the chance of a brighter future. But about 68 million children around the world still don’t have access to education.

Together, we can change this. By taking part in Day for Change, we can ensure that every child has the opportunity to go to school. 

Thank you for your support for this worthwhile and educational day.

Yours sincerely, 

Miss McNee and Miss MacKintosh

Rocket parts wanted!

rocket 3

We will be building space rockets in Nursery next week and need your help with some more junk modelling materials! If you have the following items please hand them in as soon as you can, thank you:

  • a plastic bottle (such as a fruit squash or lucozade bottle)
  •  bottle caps (deeper caps rather than flat milk bottle caps if possible)
  • small plastic pots (such as yogurt/dessert pots)
  • ‘pringles’ crisps tubes (or similar) with lids.

Weekly roundup…..

Another week in Nursery has flown by and what a busy week it has been! Our space topic is now well under way and the children are all very excited and enthusiastic about their learning.

We have been looking at more rhymes as we build in confidence counting down from 10 and played the part of astronauts getting ready to ‘blast off’ in our rockets as we did this. We explored shapes that we might encounter in space and learned about star constellations. We even created our own star constellation patterns and gave them some super names! Mrs Bowie was very busy building a whole fleet of moon buggies which the children excitedly took home. We decorated our ‘planets’ using different paint techniques, adding patterns and/or textures.

We loved reading some of the space stories brought in from home (thank you for helping with this!) and will continue to explore these over the next week.

We constructed a large scale ‘rocket’ with the help of Matthew’s mum (Mrs Black), thank you! and have all taken turns to decorate this. This will be added to our space themed role play room next week.

Come and spend some time with us in Nursery!



We would like to invite parents/carers into Nursery once again to spend some time with their child and see what we are learning! You will also be able to take time to view their Learning Records with them and discuss what they have being working on. It would be great if you would also be willing to get involved in some of our activities which we know already that many of you like to do! Please speak to a member of the Nursery team if you would like to come in and we can arrange a mutually convenient time. We look forward to seeing you soon!!!!!

P1 Enrolment


Will your child be five before 28 Feb 2015?
Yes? Then it’s time to enrol them for school.

It’s strange to be thinking about next school year already but it’s time for our Nursery parents to do just that :) Children who will be five on or before 28 February 2015 are eligible to be enrolled for Primary 1. Enrolment will take place in the week commencing 27 January 2014.

All children currently attending Crown Nursery will receive an enrolment form next week that should be completed prior to coming to enrol your child. You will also need to bring your child’s original birth certificate.

Please come to the school office on 28th, 29th or 30th January between 9.15 – 10.15 am or 2.00 – 3.00pm.

Although you may wish that your child attends a school other than your local primary
school, you must, in the first instance, enrol your child at the local primary school and then make a placing request to the Area Education, Culture and Sport Office.

If you have any questions about whether your child is ready for Primary 1 or would benefit from an additional year in Nursery then please make an appointment with a member of the Nursery Team to discuss this.

Weekly Roundup…….

Wow! We have been busy this week in Nursery.  All the children have contributed to our mind maps on What we want to learn about space and What space looks like.  The children have created a fantastic lunar landscape which they are really engaging with.  They have all been very creative producing fantastic night time pictures, space rocks, planets, aliens and astronauts and we are currently constructing space ships.  We have learned a new poem about space and watched Nina and the Neurons on Cbeebies.  The Clangers have also made an appearance and next week we hope to meet The Soup Dragon.    We have also talked about the shape of stars and been counting down from ten to zero before we blast off to play.

Moon buggies and planets are the focus for next week and we will be touching on Burns Night with a real Scottish snack on Friday – the children can wear a touch of tartan if this wish.