Arrangements for move up day on Tuesday

Just to clarify… ALL nursery children should come to the moving up day on Tuesday 1st July!  If your child is currently at Crown Nursery in the morning then please bring them back to school (not nursery!) for 1.45pm, entering through the main school entrance.  All children in our afternoon session will be taken through to P1 by a member of the Nursery team.  Sorry if an earlier blog post on the main school blog caused any confusion with regard to this!


Lost Property

Just a last minute reminder… if your child has lost an item of clothing or toy perhaps throughout the year in Nursery please remember to check the lost property box in the Nursery cloakroom before the end of term. Any items left in the box as Nursery closes for the summer holiday will be recycled. Thank you.

Nursery Closing Times for the Summer Holiday

Just a reminder about the final nursery sessions of this term for each nursery group:-

Morning Nursery – Last Nursery session will be on Thursday July 3rd, normal finishing time of 11.30am

Afternoon Nursery – Last Nursery session will be on Wednesday 2nd July, normal finishing time (after end of term show).

The Nursery Team at Crown wish all our nursery families a safe and happy summer holiday and thank you all for your support throughout this year!



Our Nursery End of Term Show

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Just to remind all parents/carers that our Nursery End of Term Graduation show will take place next Wednesday 2nd July at 2pm in the school hall. All morning children should return to the Nursery at 1.40pm that day.

We look forward to seeing all parents/carers and any other family members who wish to join us, there, as we prepare to say farewell to our Nursery 4 children.


Weekly roundup…..

We can’t share too much about what we have been doing (as it’s top secret)!!!! preparing for our end of term show, ssshhh……….

What we can share with you is that we have been loving spending nearly all our time outdoors exploring the natural resources in our Nursery garden, still searching for mini beasts and WOW we have found LOTS of creatures in our garden this week. We have been using our collection pots to look at them more closely and talking about them together at group Circle Time. We had a visit from Dr Williams on Monday (Owen’s dad from our afternoon group) who came to talk to us about snails, he also brought some fantastic snails, really big ones, for us to look at. We were all a bit ‘surprised’ to say the least when he told us that some people put snail slime on their faces to help wrinkles!!!! Our transition preparations took place with assembly, P1 familiarisation visits and playtime with our Buddies. Miss Haines also came to spend some time with us and get to know the children from morning nursery joining her P1 class in August.

Only just under 2 weeks to go until the holidays!!!!!


Putting names on children’s clothing

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It has been great to see so many of our Nursery children moving onto P1 in August trying their new school uniforms and wearing them to Nursery over the last few weeks! SO grown up and very smart too!

One of our Nursery children lost a new school sweatshirt this week which had been left in the cloakroom and unfortunately didn’t have his/her name on. Could all parents/carers please check to see if your child has possibly brought an extra sweatshirt home? very easy to do when there is so much hustle and bustle in the cloakroom!!!!

PLEASE remember to put you child’s name on all items of clothing as things DO get lost very easily and clothing is often the LAST thing that children think about at school/nursery. The Nursery Team know this only TOO well with their own children!!!!

Keeping our children safe in the sun….



Over the last couple of weeks we have been very fortunate to have some beautiful sunny and VERY hot weather!!!! and we are hoping it lasts well into the summer holidays!!!

With this in mind, we would be most grateful if all children could come to Nursery having had suncream applied at home. A hat would also be useful to help them keep cooler while playing outdoors. This can always be kept on their peg if they wish.

While we do restrict the time children are outdoors when the sun is particularly strong, suncream in particular, is essential to help keep them safe and while we do have some in Nursery children will sometimes say they have some on (even when they don’t) to get outside quicker!!!!

Raffle Tickets

We are holding a raffle for a framed copy of this years Nursery group photographs (one for the morning group and another for the afternoon group), which were taken recently by the Tempest Photographer

Tickets can be bought in Nursery from Monday 23rd June until Monday 30th June at the cost of £1 per strip. All proceeds raised from the raffle will go to our Nursery Fund and the draw to find our lucky winners from each nursery group will take place at our end of term Graduation Show on Wednesday 2nd July.

(To avoid any unnecessary confusion please note that the raffle is for Nursery group photos and NOT the whole school photo taken approx 2 wks ago!). 

Thank you in advance for your support!