Let’s get to know more about each other!



As we continue to get to know each other in the nursery we would be grateful if, on the postcard sent home with your child, you could tell us a little more about where your child was born (which country), if your family has any connections with other parts of the world and maybe a little about that country too!  It would also be great if your child could bring in a photograph of their family. We will add all of this information to our world map display which will show all the different cultures we have this year in our Nursery. Please note that all photos will be returned safely in due course.

We will shortly be looking at treasure maps as part of our Pirates topic and this activity will tie in with our look at different types of maps and allow for extension of the children’ s learning in other curricular areas.

Thank you for your help,

Crown Nursery Team


Let the learning begin!


The children have settled really well into nursery after their induction week last week and got to know each other much better. Please take a few moments to view some of the photos taken by the nursery team during the children’s first week at Crown in our ‘Photo Gallery’ section on the Nursery Blog.

After mind mapping the children’s ideas for their learning this term, pirates/under the sea were the most popular topics. Several children had great seaside stories to tell from their summer holiday and the discussion progressed to rowing boats, speedboats, then….. pirate ships! The mention of pirate ships created huge excitement in the nursery (not only amongst the children, but the staff too!!)and we are getting the ‘Pirates’ part of our learning underway this week and really stretching the children’s imaginations by constructing a large scale pirate ship in the nursery and a pirate island in the nursery garden. We have lots of learning planned for this topic so please keep checking the whiteboard in the cloakroom to see exactly what activities have been going on in the nursery each day.

Welcome to our new nursery blog!


A huge welcome to our new nursery blog! We really hope that you will find it useful and enjoy using it. If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can make it even better or if there are things that you would like to see that we currently do not have set up then please let us know. Let us work together to make this the best nursery blog EVER!!!!