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Nursery closes on Friday 20th December 2013 and reopens on Monday 6th January 2014.

May we take this opportunity to thank you all for your continuous support throughout this year and we look forward to working with you all again in 2014.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Crown Nursery Team




Just to remind all parents that our Nursery Christmas Party will take place on Friday 20th December. Both groups of children join together for the party and the arrangements for children being dropped off and collected are as follows :-

Morning children – usual Nursery session times apply

Afternoon children – children to be dropped off at 9.30am then collected at 11.30am

Please note that as all children are attending in the morning for the party there will be no afternoon session that day


Weekly roundup….

What another busy week we have had in Nursery this week!!!! The excitement has continued to build as we approach Christmas. The children have all been involved in a variety of Christmas crafts from creating some special ‘Christmas’ play doh to making some super calendars for the year ahead. We explored a variety of Christmas stories and activities on the smart board all week and talked about what games we would like to play at our part next Friday.Our carol singing at 2 local care homes went exceptionally well, the children did an amazing job and they really brought some Christmas cheer to the residents of these homes who were absolutely delighted that we took some time out to visit them. Thank you to all parents who came along to help us and to Dr Donald of Crown Church who joined us too.




The term between October and December is generally a bad time for children becoming ill with colds/tummy bugs etc and this term has been no exception as we have had a number of children who have been absent from Nursery due to illness over the last few weeks.

Could we please kindly remind parents that if children are unwell that they be kept at home particularly with regard to ‘vomiting’ type illnesses where children should be clear of symptoms for 48 hours prior to returning to Nursery. We have had a couple of children over the last few days who have told staff that they have been sick during the night but have still come into Nursery but this risks passing on these bugs to the other children.

Staff have also been requested by parents to keep specific children indoors and for them to refrain from physical play (if they have colds etc), unfortunately due to staffing ratios and to ensure the safety of all our Nursery children this is not possible and again, if children are unwell we would be grateful if they could be kept at home until they are better. Many thanks for your help.

Coats please….




In recent weeks a few children have been coming to Nursery with no coats. Could we please ask that all children come each day with a coat as we try where possible to provide an element of outdoor physical play as part of our daily routine and although the weather may be rather ‘warm’ for this time of year currently, it can change very quickly as we all know!!!Thank you for your co operation.



The Nursery stall raised approximately £ 175 at the Christmas fete on Saturday which is amazing!!!! This money will be added to other monies raised from fundraising initiatives since the start of the school year and used to fund items which will benefit our current Nursery children and those who join our Nursery in the future.

We are already planning to use some of the money to improve our outdoor area and with this in mind would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions on what you might like to see that we don’t have already. If there are resources that you think would be useful for indoors please let us know about that too!!!! We would really love your input, and will also mind map the children’s ideas once we return from the Christmas break, which should be REALLY interesting!!!!!


Christmas carol singing at local care homes this week

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Just a reminder that the children will be either visiting Kingsmills Care Home or Aden House Care Home this week to sing some Christmas carols to the residents. Can all parents/carers please ensure that their children are dressed appropriately i.e. with warm waterproof jackets, hats and gloves (if necessary) and comfortable footwear.

If the children have ‘Santa’ hats at home could they bring them into Nursery to wear for these visits?

Any parents coming along with their children are very welcome to stay with their children from the start of the Nursery session if they wish. We look forward to seeing you if you can join us!

Weekly roundup…..

Our Christmas preparations have got off to a fantastic start this week in Nursery and the children are becoming more and more excited as we get closer to the ‘big’ day!!!! We have started to create some beautiful Christmas decorations which the children will be able to take home at the end of this term. Our Numeracy focus has been linked to Christmas also with us looking at calendars (particularly our advent calendars) and we have been looking at the sequencing of numbers to 20 through varied activities. For literacy, we have been preparing letters to Santa and each child has added a message to our Christmas cards for the local care homes we will be visiting next week. We have also started to look at the Christmas story.

Lucy, from the R.S.P.B. came to talk to us about Autumn/Winter and had a super puppet show for us to watch which told the story of the changing seasons and how/why some animals hibernate. We then created some great ‘hedgehog’ houses at the craft table. What a busy week we had!!!

Egg boxes or any other small boxes needed!!!

The Nursery is having a visit from the RSPB on Tuesday to talk about hibernation. They are hoping to incorporate some craft activities into their visits and are asking if the children could supply small boxes or egg boxes from home for this. We have some in Nursery that some of the children can nuse but if you have any lying around that we could also use please hand them in, thank you.