Enjoying World Book Day…

As everyone hopefully realised, World Book Day was on Thursday.

We celebrated by getting comfy in our pajamas or dressing up as one of our favourite book characters. There were some impressive costumes and some very cool onesies and pajamas.

We had a great time reading and sharing our favourite books. Some children did book reviews and others enjoyed making wee book worms.

The afternoon session enjoyed listening to a few stories told by Mr Fenton. As it was World Book Day he read us a book which included French, Spanish, German and many other languages. Then he read us another story about Spot the dog. However he read it to us in Bengal. It was a very cool experience!

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We then finished off the afternoon by snuggling up to read a book with Mums, Dads, childminders or Teachers. What a fabulous day we had!


World Book Day!

On Thursday the 5th March we are celebrating world book day at nursery. Your child should come dressed in either their pyjamas or as a character from a book!

1) Please bring a favourite book to nursery (with their name in it) to share at together time.

2) Book swap shop

If they would like to join in our book swap then bring an old book that they have finished with and they can swap it for a friend’s book.

3) All parents and carers of afternoon children are invited into nursery at 2.30 to sit with their child and listen to a story from Mr Fenton who will tell us a story in another language! Then we will share our books with our parents in the nursery before home time.


Bird feeders…

Before the mid term break we had Katy the forest ranger come to visit. She brought with her all sorts of things to make bird feeders.

First she helped us tie a string around a pine cone. We then rolled it in margarine, making sure it stuck in all the gaps. Once it was all sticky we rolled it in nuts and seeds, squashing them all over the pine cones surface.

Once they were thoroughly covered we ventured outside to find the perfect spot to hang them!

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Space, crocodiles and other creatures…

Lately the morning nursery has been very busy!

They have been doing so much learning about space and our walls are adorned with wonderful works of art.

Everyone helped make a giant rocket ship for the wall. Around it they placed themselves… as astronauts! They even had special astronaut suits complete with a very cool plastic bubble face mask.

The investigation of planets continued and was put to good use as the children created each planet with the correct surface and size. Footprints then became rockets with wee toes as flames to navigate their way through the vastness of space.

Not only that but each child made their very own intergalactic passport complete with their picture, description, home planet and signature! Let the intergalactic adventures commence!

As for the afternoon children, they have been busy too!

The vote was indeed swayed towards crocodiles which gathered nine votes followed by dogs with six, octopus with five and giraffes with four.

So nursery became overrun with crocodiles as we started to learn all about them. We made a huge crocodile for our wall with big sharp teeth. We also transformed our hand prints into tiny snappy crocodiles, drawing in eyes and teeth before giving them a tissue paper river to swim in.

The children also made mind maps about crocodiles. They used the smart board to draw pictures and document what they knew about crocodiles as well as what they would like to find out. They also painted a whole range of different creatures including lions, snakes, giraffes, dogs, tigers, rhinos and gorillas.

The smart board was also used to watch some video clips of real crocodiles! We got to see how tiny they are as babies and how huge they are fully grown! Not to mention we learnt lots of interesting facts.

I can’t wait to see what we learn about dogs,octopus, giraffes and all these other fascinating creatures as our learning continues!

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Happy New Year!

Happy new year, it is great to have everyone back! We hope you had a fabulous Christmas and enjoyed your holidays.

We have been having loads of fun since we returned. The morning session has decided they are going to learn about space.They have been investigating the planets and beginning to learn the names and features of each.

They have listened to songs and stories about space and have begun talking about which planet we live on. There have even been some wonderful drawings of Earth and such as everyone put their creative skills to work!

Not only that but there was even alien goo in the water trough! Everyone had loads of fun with it and loved squishing their fingers around in its cold, slimy, jellylike alien texture.

The Afternoon session on the other hand has decided they would like to learn more about Animals.

Everyone has been using their creative and imaginative skills to draw their own animals as well as go on adventures with the plastic ones. Not to mention trying to move our bodies the way different animals do.

We have enjoyed singing songs about animals such as ‘five little monkeys swinging in the tree’ and ‘five little ducks went out one day’. We also read some fabulous stories including ‘Giraffes can’t dance’, ‘The selfish crocodile’, ‘The ugly duckling’ and ‘Monkey puzzle’.

Almost all the children have now voted as to which animal they would like to learn about first. At the moment it looks like crocodiles are the winner followed closely by dogs… we will have to see once all votes are in!

Along with all this we were all very excited when it began to snow! Everyone donned their overalls, gloves, hats and wellies and outside we went. We had a fabulous time playing in the snow, building snowmen and even had a cheeky wee snowball fight!

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Dinosaurs, the Dark and the Christmas Crazies…

Over the past little while the children in the afternoon session have been dinosaur mad! We have had such fun creating a dinotopia in which our dinosaurs can live and play. It has a giant volcano right at the center and is surrounded by trees and streams. Its a dinosaurs dream!

The children have also loved watching on the smart board as Andy goes on dinosaur adventures. They have seen stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus rex, pteradactyls and so much more. As we have discussed these dinosaurs, the children have been able to tell me which dinosaurs are meat eaters and are therefore carnivores and which are herbivores because they eat plants. They know all their names and lots of randoms fact about each. I was highly impressed with their memories!

We’ve drawn dinosaurs, made dinosaur foot prints and had dinosaurs swimming in our water trough. Not only that but we have also had fun pretending to be paleontologists excavating the sand trays in search of dinosaur bones.

As for the children in the morning session, they have been exploring lots of the changes that take place as we move from autumn to winter.

They learnt lots about hedgehogs and other creatures that hibernate. They even made their own wee hedgehogs out of special modeling dough, putting spikes all over their backs.

They also noticed that it was getting darker earlier and have begun exploring light and dark. They have read lots of stories and have been thinking about ways we can see in the dark. As part of this they are exploring the dark den, enjoying hiding in the dark using the touches to see their friends.

Not only this but they have been getting creative making all sorts of light and dark pictures. What a lot of fun!

Most recently, as Christmas approaches, Nursery is becoming more and more Christmas crazy!… in a good way 🙂

We have been having so much fun learning about the Nativity story as well as practicing for our Christmas Nativity productions.

Going up on the big stage to practice has been very exciting. Everyone has done so well singing their wee hearts out and remembering their lines.  We are all very much looking forward to performing for our families.

The nursery room has also started to be taken over by reindeer, snow men, angels,stars Santa and all things Christmas as we begin making all sorts of Christmas decorations and crafts!

Christmas here we come!

Tea Towels for christmas…

The children have all been busy drawing portraits of themselves. These are going to be printed onto a tea towel which will be available for you to buy.

If you would like to purchase one a notice has just gone up on the cloakroom wall just inside the nursery door. Please write your names on the list asap as the order is being sent off on Tuesday 18th (next week) and we don’t want you to miss out!

Autumn adventures and a happy Halloween…

Last week was full of fun!

On Thursday Katie, a Forest Ranger came to visit. We had great fun out in the garden where she talked to us about all things autumn.

We gathered leaves and compared their differences, noticing their shapes, sizes, and colours. We made an autumn leaf rainbow matching our leaves to the right section of the rainbow all the way from green, to yellow, to orange, red and brown.

We then met Katie’s hedgehog friend and she told us all about him and what he likes to eat. She also told us about the type of places hedgehogs like to live  before we helped create a perfect little leaf-pile hedgehog hidey-hole!

Then Friday brought with it Halloween and a whole new lot of fun! We made various types of spooky art including creepy collage with spiders, ghosts, pumpkins and bats.

Even our water play was a little creepy with more freaky pumpkins, spiders, bats and creatures lurking beneath the surface.

We also had a go at carving our own jack-o-lanterns! It was great fun scooping out all the ooey gooey insides and seeds. And when they were finished they looked fabulously spooky with the candlelight flickering out their eyes, nose and mouth!

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Holidays and things to come…

We hope the beginning of your holidays have been fabulous and you are all having lots of fun 🙂

Nursery re-starts on Monday the 27th of October and brings with it a few things to look forward to.

We have The Inverness Caley Thistle returning for some more football fun. They will work with the morning children for the next four Mondays and the afternoon children for the next four Tuesdays.

As well as the football we have Katie Martin the Forest Ranger visiting both sessions on Thursday 30th October to talk about Autumn and hibernation.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays and we’ll see you on the 27th!