Our trip to Abriachan…

First I would like to say a BIG thank you to all the parents/caregivers who came along to help out. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Everyone had such a wonderful day!

We had great fun following the rainbow birds feather trail. It gave the parents and teachers a great work out as we joined in with the children; star jumping, giant stepping, tip toeing and ‘swimming’ our way from feather to feather until we finally spotted the rainbow bird sitting on her nest!

We found lots of other creatures on our adventures round the forest too. We peered into the water to see what might be lurking there, getting a close look at a newt one of the ladies had caught earlier.

While pond dipping we found teeny tiny fish, pond skaters and all sorts of other minuscule creatures.

Not only that, we enjoyed a story and hand puppets up in the mud hut before exploring its bridge, stairs and poles, not to mention the super cool secret tunnel!

Then after a delicious picnic lunch we finished off the day in the fabulous park. A great time was had running, jumping, balancing, swinging, sliding and climbing our way around the equipment before we headed exhausted to the buses.

What a fabulous day! Check out the photos…

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