Stay and Play

Coming up in May there are going to be some opportunities for you to stay and play with us at Nursery. A sheet will be up beside the signing in/out books for you to add your names to. We are looking at two parents per session please.

Opportunities for the morning session are as follows:

Tuesday 5th May 10am-11am

Wednesday 6th May 9am-10am

Friday 8th May 10am-11am

Monday 11th May 10am-11am

Tuesday 12th May 10am-11am

Wednesday 13th May 9am-10am

Friday 15th May 10am-11am

Monday 18th May 10am-11am

For the afternoon session the opportunities will be as follows:

Tuesday 5th and 12th, 12.05-1.15pm

Wednesday 6th and 13th, 12.05-1.15pm

Thursday 7th and 14th, 12.05-1.15pm

Friday 8th and 15th, 12.05- 1.15pm.

If you are unable to manage any of these dates please speak to one of the team and we will arrange a date that suits.

We look forward to having you in! 🙂


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