Can you help with our garden?

Our garden shed is finally fully assembled and over the next couple of weeks we are hoping to have a good clear up in our garden, cleaning and sorting out our outdoor resources, moving some of the resources into the shed, tidying up the flower beds and trimming some of our larger garden bushes.

Could you spare some time to come in and assist with this? If so, please speak to a member of the Nursery team and let them know what days/times suit. Once we (hopefully!) get a few volunteers we can work out a plan of action!

Thanks in advance for helping us breathe new life into our garden and make it the best it can be!



An egg box appeal!

Over the next week or so we are planning to do a craft activity requiring cardboard egg boxes. If you have any lying around at home that you don’t need please send them in, thanks!

Food & The Brain, a discussion and presentation with Dave Rex – A quick reminder!


Food and the Brain – Specialist Dietitian, Dave Rex will be coming to Crown Primary School to present and discuss this important topic on Tuesday 20th May.  The time has changed slightly and so has the location!  Please join us in the P6 classroom (come in through the main front door) at 6.30pm.

Please let a member of the nursery team know if you intend coming along to this so that we can let our office know, thanks.

Whole School Photo – Wednesday 21st May (am)

Just a reminder that Tempest Photography will be coming to school on Wednesday 21st May to take our whole school photo.  All children should come to school wearing their school uniform (red t-shirt and blue sweatshirt with dark trousers/shorts/skirt).

Nursery children will be included in this photo so if your child attends the afternoon session and you wish them to be included, parents/carers should bring their child to school at 9.30am and should remain with them while we have our photo taken. The times are always approximate so do be prepared to hang around for a while! Can we ask that all Nursery children try to wear something blue (a school sweatshirt if you have one) on this day?

News for parents with children returning to or joining our Nursery next session….

nursery kids

We’re delighted to have had so many families enrol with us for next session but as places are limited not all enrolment requests could be honored.  Our Nursery sessions for next year are full, 24 children in each session and the staff are excited to meet our new little ones later this month.

All families should have received a letter informing them of their allocated Nursery and session by now.  If you did enrol with us and have not heard anything, please contact the school directly and we’ll see what we can do to help. If you have received your letter but not yet returned your slip saying you wish to accept your place, can you get that to us as soon as possible so we can open up any spaces that are not needed for interested families?

A couple of parents raised some good points which we thought would be good to share with everyone:

Snack– parents have asked how this will work with the longer sessions.  This has been raised at an Authority level as we do feel the children will require something a little more substantial.  As yet, we have not heard how schools should go about organising this but rest assured your little ones will not go hungry!

Staff – as the timings will change this will mean additional staff members are required.  There have been an incredible amount of applications for the new Early Years Practitioner post and interviews will be happening over the coming weeks.  The aim is to have our full complement of staff in place by the end of May to allow new staff to come and spend some time with us and also meet you!

Please keep your questions coming and we can share them with other parents if appropriate!

Supporting your child at home….


We’re very excited to share that Action for Children, a team that support families and children, have agreed to offer a series of 3 or 4 workshops to us that explore how to best support children at home.  The sessions are designed to look at brain development and how this impacts on your child’s behaviour and mood.  They will also explore the different strategies parents/carers can use to deal with those more ‘challenging’ moments in a way that values your child and keeps you sane!

The sessions will run on a Tuesday from 9.00-10.00 at school with the first workshop being held on Tuesday 20th May.  Subsequent sessions will take place on 27th May, 3rd June and possibly 10th June.  While places will be limited we hope that if this is well-received and proves useful that we may be able to persuade them to do more next session…

If you are interested in coming along to the sessions to share your ideas/frustrations and learn from the team and other parents, then please send me an email ( or drop a note into school on or before Thursday 15th May. You will receive confirmation of your place on Friday 16th May.

Anyone for tennis?

download (2)


Tennis for Free is a charity working with Inverness Tennis Academy, Tennis Scotland and Highlife Highland to offer free weekly fun tennis and free use of equipment!

This is a great opportunity for all our budding tennis stars as every Sunday at Bellfield Park, Free Fun Tennis (for all children aged 4 and over) is now on offer from 10.00am-12noon! There is also free use of the courts until 12noon everyday, unless there are organised tennis camps/activities.  With the weather warming up and the sun just around the corner (fingers crossed!) this might be something you and your family want to find out more about.  Check out or contact Lizzy to find out more!


Change of clothing….

As we are always posting on our Blog, the children are loving playing outdoors in the nursery garden and exploring the mud, water etc etc. Quite often the children do get VERY VERY dirty and wet during their play (as you all know!) and staff have to change their clothes. Could we ask that each child is provided with a change of clothing from home that is left in the Nursery on their peg? We do have a limited number of items that we can change the children into if they don’t have spare clothes with them from home but our stocks of these are very low and we struggle sometimes to find things for them to wear (or that they are willing to wear!!!! we do have some very ‘fashion conscious’ children in our care and their reaction to the clothes staff appear with for them from our stocks can be quite amusing!!!!) Thanks again for your help!


Just a quick reminder…… Can all parents/carers please telephone the Nursery as close as is possible to your child’s Nursery session commencing to let us know if your child will not be attending due to illness (or indeed for any other reason). The health and safety of all our children in Nursery is paramount and we are required by the local authority to keep an accurate attendance record for each child enrolled with us. Thank you for your co operation with this important matter.

Also, we have had a few cases of ‘sick’ bugs (which always seem to be on the go in schools/nurseries!) over the last couple of weeks. Could we kindly ask that if your child has been affected by one of these ‘bugs’ that you keep them away from nursery for 48 HOURS following the last episode of vomiting. Even if your child starts to feel well again during this time please refrain from returning them to Nursery until this time period has lapsed and this will help greatly from spreading the infection to the other children and staff. Many Thanks.

Weekly roundup…..

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What a lot we have crammed into a short 4 day week this week!!! Excitement continued to build with our Nursery 4 children as they participated in a variety of transitional experiences, helping them prepare for the move to ‘big’ school in August. The morning group are coping so well with Assembly on a Wednesday and were praised by Ms MacKenzie for performing the ‘Welcome’ song with such enthusiasm, WELL DONE!!! We started to do some planting outdoors and this will continue over the next few weeks. All children in both groups are particularly enjoying working/playing in the nursery garden and used their imaginations particularly well creating a mud kitchen!!!! VERY messy but LOTS of fun!!!! We started to practise a Ghanian playground song Tse Tse Kule, and the staff were really impressed how well the children picked this up and remembered the actions to accompany the song.Next week we will progress to using drums to tap out the beat of the music! Safe Strong and Free Workshops commenced with the Nursery 4’s and all children interacted well with the puppets during these sessions while learning strategies to keep themselves safe.